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Five Star Program (Level Up Larimer)

Five Star Program (Level Up Larimer)

Five Star Program (Level Up Larimer)

Updated Friday, January 22 2021

Why are we not yellow yet? What the County has been telling the Level Up Larimer coalition is that the Governor asked all counties to move to Orange even though our numbers don’t meet the criteria for Orange. That’s why we cannot move to Yellow until we meet those three metrics for 7 days straight. We mentioned a few weeks ago that our Coalition negotiated that down from 14 to 7, but we have not yet met those numbers for 7 consecutive days. Here are the three criteria:

Test positivity needs to be below 15% and right now it's at 7.7%
Hospital utilization is steady or declining.
We need less than 350 cases per 100,000 (Track #s here.)

According to Tom Gonzales, with Larimer County Health, "In order for Level Up certified businesses to begin operating per the Level Yellow guidelines, counties must meet three metrics for 7 consecutive days." We are watching the dashboard for seven day of good news. While we wait, we need to remember why we are doing this. The benefits of certification, just as a reminder, are:

  • Once we meet those metrics at Orange (25%), you can move to Yellow (50%).
  • If the numbers lead us back to Red (closed indoors), you can still operate at Orange.
  • Your certification provides trust in the community that you are taking every precaution to protect workers and customers.

34 restaurants and gyms in Estes Park are Level Up Certified, going over and above to maintain a higher standard of public health:

Bird & Jim
Cafe de Pho Thai
Casa Grande
Cascades Restaurant
Chelitos Mexican Restaurant
Chippers Lanes
Claire’s Restaurant and Bar
Ed’s Cantina
Egg of Estes
EP Big Horn Restaurant Inc
Estes Park Brewery
Estes Valley Recreation Center
Estes Valley Community Center
Himalayan Curry & Kabob
Hunters Chophouse
La Cabana Mexican Bar and Grill
La Cocina de Mama
Locals Grill
Lonigans Irish Pub
Mama Rose’s Restaurant
Mountain Home Cafe
Notchtop Cafe
Poppy’s Pizza & Grill
Raven's Roast Coffee Lounge
Seasoned - An American Bistro
Smokin Dave's BBQ & Brew
Snowy Peaks Winery
Stella's Place
The Barrel
The Rock Inn
Twin Owls Steakhouse
Wapiti Colorado Pub
Wild Rose Food & Spirits
You Need Pie

Get updates in real time on this Larimer County Level Up page. The official Larimer County list of Level Up Certified businesses is on this page. Hoping to get on this list? Apply for the Level Up Certification Process here. We do have an application in Spanish; applicar en espanol aqui. If you need assistance with your application, contact Donna Carlson at 719-209-9900.

Here's what you can expect.

1. Public Health reviews the app.
2. Review committee reviews applications. Public health schedules inspections with approved applicants.
3. Inspector goes into the field. Once the inspector says you are approved, you are free to open.
4. If the inspector does not have your window cling advertising that you are certified, contact The Chamber.
5. A Chamber rep will come and take a picture of you with your certified poster. We'll post it on Instagram and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we move to Orange, is this even necessary?
Right now in Level Red, the Five Star Level Up program allows certified businesses to operate at Orange. If the County moves to Orange, Five Star Certified Businesses will operate at Yellow. It's a win for greater capacity and a reward for all the businesses working so hard to slow the flow.

If the State is announcing that we're at Orange, does that mean we who are certified automatically move to Yellow? 
Chambers have been encouraging businesses to participate based on the promise that certified businesses will always operate at one level up from the State's designation. We were just as surprised as you to hear we need to maintain the required metrics to operate at Orange for 14 days before Level Up Certified businesses can operate at Yellow. Ann Hutchison (Fort Collins) and Mindy Mc Loughan (Loveland) have been on the phone advocating for us and did get the health department to agree to reduce this requirement to 7 days. Continue to operate according to what's posted on the web site.
What are the metrics required for us to move to/stay at Orange?
• 14 day case rates below 350
• <15% positivity testing
• Stable or declining hospitalization
What are the metrics required for us to move to Yellow?
• 14 day case rates 175
• <10% positive
• Stable or declining hospitalization
According to the capacity restrictions, the single household rule is not required at Orange. Does that relieve Level Up certified form enforcing this?
CDPHE is having ongoing conversations about the single household question, also the 6-10 ft distancing; more at noon Jan 4. Continue to operate according to what's posted on the web site.
Should we expect to stay at orange for long?
It's likely we'll be at Orange for a while. If #s go in the reverse direction, it's possible we could move back to red, but unlikely we'll move to Yellow soon. We know this is confusing, hard to forecast inventory, hard to schedule staff. All of us have to learn a new way to remain flexible.
Where do we email our contact tracing information?
If I've had the vaccine or I've already had COVID, do I still need to wear a mask?
Yes. Keep the message positive, like "I look forward to the day when we can ditch the masks, but we are still requiring masks for everyone."

Where can I find other FAQs?

Where can I find more information on CDPHE approvals and capacity restrictions?
CDPHE approval
Capacity Restrictions
NOCO Recovers page

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