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Ready, Set, Grow Grant Application

Harriette Woodard and Julie Abel are passionate about empowering women to succeed, that's why they have decided to offer the "Ready Set Grow" Grant to a female-focused business in the Estes Valley. "With so many talented and ambitious women in our community, we believe in lending a helping hand to those with fantastic ideas while also providing a much-needed leg up in this competitive world," Harriette said. They understand the power of mentorship and philanthropy and how it can change lives. Julie added, "We are determined to be a resource and offer guidance to help these women flourish." So let's come together and celebrate the resilience and creativity of the incredible female entrepreneurs in Estes Park because when we lift each other up, there's no limit to what we can achieve!

The value of this grant is $5,000

All applications must be received by May 24,2024. If you have any questions about the grant or application process, please reach out to Colleen DePasquale, Chamber President at

This page does not give you a confirmation once your application has been received. Reach out the Chamber to confirm the application's receipt:
Are you the owner, manager, etc.
How long has this business existed?
Describe your business generally such as how you operate, who you serve, what need you may fill for the Estes Valley, number of employees, etc.
Please explain how you participate in our community outside of or through your business.
Are you adding on to your business? Launching something new? What would you use the grant for- training, construction, software?
Address Block - US
Home Address located in the Estes Valley School District
Business Address
If you do not have a physical address yet, please enter your home address and then explain in the additional comments section below.
Please upload your resume as a .doc or .pdf
Terms of Submission *
By submitting this application, you agree to the following Grant guidelines: *Your business and home addresses are located in the Estes Valley School District. *You Commit to applying to 2024 BASE program with the Economic Development Corporation and completing the entire BASE Program if accepted (Assuming program continues to be complimentary) *You commit to joining the Estes Chamber of Commerce by 9/30/24 *You will actively participate in mentorship with Harriette Woodard and Julie Abel through for a minimum of one year – through 7/31/25. *You will sign a photo release. *If selected as a finalist, you agree to present to a panel on a date to be determined.