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Chamber Hero

For the Chamber's Gala and Awards Dinner, we are soliciting nominations for 3 awards for businesses and business people. This is Chamber Hero Award. This award will be presented to a Chamber member who has proactively demonstrated extraordinary enthusiasm for our organization through volunteerism, participation in Chamber activities and/or committees. Ryan Bross received this award in 2022.
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What is his/her relationship to the business- owner, co-owner, manager, etc?
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Do they sponsor community events, do they volunteer? How do they time their time, talent, or treasure?
These can be personal or professional. For example, were they impacted heavily by construction, did they experience flooding, did they have unexpected staffing issues, did they overcome health issues, etc.?
For example, National Philanthropy Day, NOCO 40 under 40, Women of Impact, an award by another Chamber, SBDC, or the State?
What's their story? Why are they uniquely deserving to be recognized?