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Holistic Health

About Us

CFAH is your go-to resource for accessible, trustworthy, and up-to-date CBD and hemp information.

We believe that medicine should serve people — all people. Therefore, while our content is firmly rooted in facts, science, and the latest research, we always strive to make it simple and easy to read. We take complex medical information and then reword it in a way that anyone can understand.

The best CFAH resource is undoubtedly the website. has a number of resources that provide patients and families with the type of detailed information about CFAH that is so crucial to proper clinical decision making. One such resource is a comprehensive glossary of terms that medical professionals commonly use when speaking about CFAH. Another important aspect of AMF's CFAH glossary is the brief description of key CFAH terms, their definitions, and their recommended uses. These resources can make it easy to navigate the many facets of effective CFAH treatment, whether it'