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Safe On Site Sanitization

Safe On Site Sanitization


About Us

Complete sanitizing service using electrostatic foggers to apply hospital grade, no rinse on food contact surfaces disinfectant to every surface, nook and cranny within a structure. We real-time quality control our work using thermal imaging cameras to ensure 100% coverage allowing us to leave a window sticker certificate of sanitization. We also provide hospital grade disinfectant and hand sanitizer for use between treatments. We can provide all of your sanitizing needs.


Safe On Site Team
Safe On Site sanitizes Fort Collins Temporary Homeless Shelter
Safe On Site Window Cling of complete Sanitization
Using thermal imaging cameras to ensure complete coverage equates to complete sanitization
Another gym sanitized, kills COVID-19 along with a host of other germs like STAPH and MERSA
Helping another Salon confidently open safely